You loved the book. This is the course.

Imagine how great an entire bar prep course built by the author is.

Intelligent. Strategic.

A systematic and logical pathway to get you from where you are right now, to bar exam READY.


  • ...being fully confident and ready to crush the exam on game day, WITHOUT ever watching a lecture or reading an outline.

  • …being able to immediately start writing out an essay answer without anxiety or taking time to “think about it” because you already know EXACTLY what the bar graders want to see in your answer.

  • …feeling totally sure of what to do and what to write when you open up a performance test because you have the PLAYBOOK for determining the right answer structure, finding the right legal rules, and how to draft what the grader wants to see - without running out of time.

  • …knowing the MBE inside and out and having mastered its tricks, after figuring out your personal testing errors and fixed them.

  • …all the legal rules you need to know INSTANTLY popping up in your brain before you even try to recall them.

  • …fully understanding the BIG PICTURE of the bar exam so that you know what each part of the exam is truly testing, and how you can shine a light on your abilities in the exact way the graders are looking for.

  • …knowing how to SCORE POINTS on every part of the bar exam.

  • …finally understanding how “THE GAME” works

  • ...having the exact WINNING strategies that have been tried, tested, and proven by others before you.

Proven by people like...

Cassidy C.

I took my score from a 251 to a 303!

"The first time I took the bar I used Barbri and failed. The second time I tried a DIY method, but that didn't work too well either because I failed again. Then I decided to use your study plan. And I finally passed!!! I took my score from a 251 to a 303! I am SO HAPPY and so incredibly thankful to you for putting your program out there for others to use. My future employer gave me two extra shots to take the bar, and I knew if I hadn't passed this time around I would lose my position. Everything was on the line for me and I am so glad that I trusted you and your method to get me through it. THANK YOU!!! I want you to know how much your program and Fck The Bar has impacted my life. Now that I can finally say I'm finally taking my place at the counsel table, I will use every opportunity I have to tell future bar takers about Fck The Bar and how incredible your method is. Again, thank you so, so, so, so, so, so, so much!!!!"

Alana V. G.

I am tremendously grateful.

"Just wanted you to know. I passed. I want you know the reciprocal effect of your work. Because of you, thousands of women and animals will be helped over my lifetime. I am tremendously grateful. And for what it's worth, when you graded my essay and said "I don't know what the fuck you did here" I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. Thank you Jessica. From the bottom of my heart. I could not have done it without you."

Rachel H.

I really cannot recommend her program and coaching enough!

"I took the July 2019 bar and scored a 244 - I studied with Barbri but it was too difficult to keep up with. The second time, I self-studied with basically every outline out there. My study approach was def too unorganized. I sat for the Feb 2020 exam and scored a 260. Before the October 2020 exam, I found Fck the Bar and reached out to Jessica Klein. I decided to go with her method and enrolled in her coaching program also - felt like it would be best to have someone to personally hold me accountable. I ended up passing the Oct 2020 exam (NJ) on my third try with a 317 so I really cannot recommend her program and coaching enough!"

Phil S.

I highly recommend your program and honestly I don't think it's possible to fail if one completes it.

"I scored 145.2 on MBE and 144 on the UBE essay - so a 289! I needed a 260 for Alabama and was hoping for a 266 for Maryland, so plenty of room to spare! Thank you for making the difference! One more thing about your method - it's similar to the PBL (problem based learning) in med school. It's much easier to remember information when it's attached to a problem or situation than it is to try to memorize it from bar review notes. The MEEs all had stories about people (the board of directors breaching duty of loyalty, for example) and it's easier to relate to a fact pattern than to read it from the Kaplan outline. Your technique gave me the confidence because I had done hundreds of essays and MCQs by exam time. I highly recommend your program and honestly I don't think it's possible to fail if one completes it."

Counsel Table is Unique

It's built on an inherently different premise than every other bar prep course out there.

While other programs try to teach you the law that's on the bar exam by giving you a "mini law school" experience, we don't.

You won't get a single lecture or outline. 

(You don't need them.)

Since you weren't ready to take the bar exam the day after you graduated law school, it's clear that learning the law was necessary, but not sufficient to pass.

At Counsel Table, we know you already learned the conceptual legal knowledge you need from attending law school. Instead of wasting your time going over all of that again, we focus on teaching you the test.

The goal is to pass the bar exam, which means you need to know THE BAR EXAM inside and out.

You already know the legal concepts, but what you DON'T yet know is how to apply them to the bar exam in very specific ways that earn you coveted points from the bar graders. Get enough points, you pass.

You already learned the law, now you need to learn the test. Which is why at Counsel Table,

We teach the test, not the law.

Amazingly, when you study the Counsel Table way, every single gap of legal knowledge you think you have gets filled in. You learn and relearn all the pertinent legal principles as you practice, so spending countless hours in lectures and outlines was never even necessary.

It just... works.



It works.

Counsel Table students are graduates of:

The speed and simplicity of Counsel Table is its strength.

Counsel Table has been ruthlessly culled to remove absolutely everything that is not necessary for success. Each component has a very specific purpose and intention that aids you in your progress towards the goal. The timing, design, and progression of study blocks is designed to methodically increase your skill level, building on earlier lessons. And it can ALL GET DONE IN ONLY 80 assignments.

Our successful students achieved their results simply by following the assignments that you will find inside Counsel Table. A mere 80 Study Block assignments took them from being an unlicensed law school graduate to a barred attorney.

Don't let your bar card elude you when it's as simple as following 80 assignments, each one of which only takes 5 hours to complete. 

Don't fall for the outdated belief that bar prep requires mountains of books, and countless hours of lectures.

Don't fail the bar exam because you got tricked into thinking the MORE a bar prep course dumps on you, the better it must be

Hard, soul-sucking, and time-wasting work does NOT get you a bar card.

Being highly skilled at earning points on the bar exam is what gets you a bar card.

Ultimately, working smarter and studying effectively is the *only* thing that matters.

So if you're comparing bar prep courses by "what you get," you're doing it all wrong. The longer the list of "stuff" they give you, the more difficult it will be to wade through it all and figure out what really matters.

The pride of Counsel Table isn't "what you get," it's what you DON'T.

The Proof is in The Pudding more (now) lawyers who chose Counsel Table:

Donte G.

I'm forever grateful for that.

"Jessica, thank you so much for your book. Thank you so much for your emails. Thank you so much for all of your help. Failing the bar exam is hard... but what's harder is regrouping and figuring out where we went wrong. I can honestly say you, your book, your method, and most importantly your F*CK THE BAR ENERGY 100% helped me pass the Georgia Bar Exam. I'm forever grateful for that. THANK YOU JESSICA KLEIN."

Priscilla V.

I owe all of this to you.

"Girl...your girl passed. Let me know if you need anything from me to help promote counsel table. I owe all of this to you."

Vivian M.

Your course really worked.

"I just wanted to say thank you!! Thank you!!! Your course really worked, I passed the NY Bar exam with lots of points to spare. I really was about to give up before finding your book, I followed your weekly schedule and it really worked for me. Thank you so much!!!"

The first thing that matters is passing.

The second thing that matters is THE EXPERIENCE.

  • Did you... -8 -12 -16 hours every day, 7 days a week, for weeks on end?

  • Or...

    ...were you able to finish in 5 hours, then do whatever else you want to - such as hit the gym or work?

  • Did you...

    ...have constant nagging thoughts that you should be studying in those few hours when you weren’t?

  • Or...

    ...did you know that every single assignment you needed to do was clearly calendared out and you were confidently on target?

  • Did you... all the lectures and read all the outlines and still feel like you didn’t know the law well enough?

  • Or...

    ...did you skip all of that and jump right into practicing essays and end up feeling like you have a handle on how to answer questions?

  • Did you...

    ...feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of legal rules to memorize?

  • Or...

    ...did you have a small, manageable list of rules which you knew covered everything you would need to know?

  • Did you...

    ...feel like after weeks of studying you were less confident in your bar prep course and further away from being ready for the bar exam than ever?

  • Or...

    ...were you able to see the massive strides and improvements you made and felt more dialed in than ever?

  • Did you...

    ...feel like you didn’t get enough done at the end of every study day?

  • Or...

    ...did you feel accomplished after every single study block because you completed very real and tangible objectives that definitively improved your knowledge and skill?

If you're thinking about just taking what you learned in Fck The Bar to DIY bar prep, you're taking A HUGE RISK.

I would be remiss if I didn't warn you that although some strategies from the program are in the book, not all of them are. There are some very important ones not mentioned.

Remember how earlier I explained that everything not completely necessary for success has been culled from the program, and only the true necessities are left in? Well there are lots of things inside the program that are not in the book.

Sometimes a reader gets lucky and what is inside the book just so happens to align perfectly with their blind spot, which results with them fixing the one thing they needed to finally pass the bar exam. 

However I've also received very sad emails where a reader didn't enroll in the course and opted to DIY it from what they read in the book, and they failed. This is because they didn't have all the pieces - pieces which were crucial for their particular blind spots.

Everything in Counsel Table has been strategically and thoughtfully designed to work together. It is NOT a haphazard study plan that someone threw together which is being passed around on Reddit or in a Facebook group. If you are going to use something that got passed along to you, you should not be shocked when you get exactly what you paid for.

The program is like a finely tuned watch, with numerous gears that move together in synchronicity. They are each important and included for a reason.

There are 4 main parts to the bar exam, each of which you have to be fully prepared for in order to pass. They are: 

  1. Essays
  2. The Performance Test
  3. MBE
  4. Memorization (the "hidden" part of the bar exam)

The Counsel Table Program has one or more strategies around each of these Core 4. 

They all complement and support each other, dovetailing in a very intentional way. Without any of them, you are building a table with missing legs. It will not hold.

If you really like what you read in Fck The Bar, and wanted to use The Klein Method strategy to pass the the bar, then Counsel Table is right for you. 

It's not worth the risk to attempt it on your own because although you might get lucky, you might fail. Failing will set you back 6 months, and losing 6 months of attorney salary is a VERY high price to pay for your gamble. It's many, many times more expensive than simply enrolling in the program and getting everything you need to be successful handed to you on a silver platter.

Up until the July 2022 bar exam, the only way you could enroll in Counsel Table and have access to the complete set of strategies and all the assignments, guidance, and instruction, was to work directly with me, Jessica Klein, on an individual basis. It was expensive by bar prep standards, at 3-5 times the cost of leading commercial bar prep courses.

Although that model allowed me to pour all my support and attention into a limited number of students, it also priced many others out of accessing this life-changing system of study.

I'm simply not okay with that model anymore.

This is for everyone.

I know that Counsel Table is powerful and unique

I've seen the results for myself...

I've looked at what other companies are doing (the same thing as all the other companies are doing, but with a different brand slapped on the packaging)...

I've heard my former students tell me again and again things such as...

  • "How did I not know this all the other times I studied?"

  • "Why didn't anybody explain this to me before?"

  • "This is soooo much better than what I did when I took xxx course!"

  • "I had a tutor before and they're a nice person, but I just didn't learn what I'm learning now."

There are people who needed what Counsel Table provides but didn't have access.

Either they:

1. Didn't know about Counsel Table and what it has to offer, 


2. Were priced out of enrollment.

It is my mission to change both.

Getting the word out about this program and its revolutionary way to study for the bar exam will take time, and mostly comes down to people like you telling your friends (thank you for sharing!).

But making it financially accessible is now a done deal.

I'm proud to announce that Counsel Table now costs a fraction of what it used to.

My goals in pricing it were to be:

  • As low as possible while also allowing me to keep the lights on and serve my students.

  • So low that it wouldn’t be a barrier to entry for anyone.

  • So low that it doesn’t factor into whether someone enrolls in this course vs. another course.

The only reason someone shouldn’t enroll in Counsel Table is because they truly and honestly believe another course has the better study strategy for passing. Not because it's cheaper.

How does enrollment work?

Once you've enrolled in Counsel Table (simply select from the jurisdiction options below), you will have immediate access to the program.

This is the core program and includes everything you need to be ready for the bar exam. All 80 study block assignments, a practice exam, trainings, and instruction on all strategies. 

Although it is self-paced and you can move at whatever speed works for your lifestyle and circumstances, there *are* recommended study calendars for part time and full time study which you can follow or adapt.

(If you’re the type of person who read the book and was tempted to DIY it and self-study, this is exactly what you need. It eliminates all the guesswork and lays out precisely what to do.)

Why No MBEs?

Psst... there's an intelligent reason.

Of all the students I’ve worked with in the past, the one thing that most of them already had when coming to me was an active MBE subscription - typically Adaptibar or UWorld. 

Either they had already paid for it, or it was provided to them by their law school or elsewhere. They didn’t need me to provide it. 

When calculating the pricing of this course and trying to make it as low as possible, I was faced with a choice: include UWorld (it’s the program I currently recommend) and hike the course price by a third!, or, keep the price lower knowing that most students already have an MBE subscription anyway. 

It just made sense not to inflate the enrollment cost. Whether you purchase UWorld directly from them, or through me, you’re still going to end up the same out of pocket. 

That said, I *do* currently recommend UWorld and encourage all my students to enroll in that program if they haven’t already purchased MBEs elsewhere. 

If you already have Adaptibar or BarNow, that is fine and you can use it as you follow the program. There will just be differences from some of the ways you do your assignments. No need to switch to UWorld unless and until you’re inside the program and watch videos that cause you to feel like you need to or want to make the switch. You can decide that later. 


Don't worry about what surprises life might throw at you. Counsel Table will be here and ready for you all year long.


  • How much is Counsel Table?

    Just click on one of the Enroll Now buttons to be taken to the pricing, along with payment options.

  • My Q isn't listed here.

    No problem, just email [email protected] to get an answer. If you don't receive a response it's because the information you're asking for is already on this page ;)

  • Is this trustworthy?

    Sure is. Counsel Table has been helping students get licensed for years. Even when the "big guys" couldn't do it. We've had success with everyone: first timers & repeaters, ABA & non-ABA graduates, foreign trained & US trained, full time studiers & part time studiers. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page to see where some of our past students went to law school.

  • Is this the same exact course with the same assignments that your former students who paid a lot got? Or is it different?

    This is THE EXACT same with the exception that those early students got 1:1 coaching directly with Jessica. You can get the same results by following the same assignments.

  • Can I work with Jessica 1:1? I don’t care what it costs, I really want her to personally walk me through bar prep.

    Probably not. It is very uncommon for Jessica to work 1:1 with students these days. If you'd like to inquire, email [email protected].

  • Can I schedule a call to ask questions about the program before enrolling?

    Unfortunately not. If we spent the time to take calls before every enrollment we wouldn’t be able to offer the program at this low price. That’s why we present so much information here and are always adding to it when new questions arise. So we welcome your questions via email at [email protected] and will add it to the ever-growing FAQs.

  • Do I have enough time to do this program before the bar?

    The best way to find out is to click the Enroll Now button of the jurisdiction you're taking, which will take you to the purchase page. On that page, you will be able to view the entire course overview. There is a section for the study calendars which has been made viewable. Download the calendars and take a look to see what's recommended and whether you think it's enough time. Although not ideal, I have had students pass the bar even when not completing the program, so it might be worth a shot regardless. Especially since you'll have the program for 365 days.

  • What states do you cover?

    Counsel Table covers every state that administers the Uniform Bar Exam, as well as California.

  • I'm a foreign trained attorney. Will this work for me?

    This course is designed to teach people the TEST, not the LAW. It assumes someone has already learned all the basic legal principles either from a U.S. law school or from having studied for the bar exam before with a course that has lectures and outlines and teaches the legal principles. If you have had NEITHER, then this course is probably NOT right for you. However, if you've gotten an LLM from a U.S. law school, or you've already studied for the bar exam with a program that taught you the law through lectures and outlines, then you should have enough legal knowledge to take this course.

  • I graduated a LOOOOOONG time ago. Will this work for me?

    This course teaches you the TEST, not the LAW. It works best for students who are just coming out of law school, or students who just took another bar prep course and got the unfortunate news they failed. In both cases, these types of students have learned the legal principles recently enough that it will be easy to recall. After a length of time, that knowledge goes dormant (or is forgotten forever). A good rule of thumb is this: if within the last 12 months you have graduated law school or taken the bar exam, you should be fine to sign up for this course. If it's been longer than that, you may need a program which re-teaches you the law through lectures and outlines.

  • Do you offer a guarantee I'll pass?

    No. No one can guarantee you will pass the bar exam and if they do, RUN AWAY from them as fast as you can because they're just telling you what you want to hear to get your money from you. Passing the bar exam is a combination of many different factors, such as raw intelligence, work ethic, consistency, study strategy & habits, mental health wellness, external pressures & personal events, technology failures, illness, etc. The list is lengthy because there's no part of your life that doesn't affect your success or failure on the bar exam. No one can control all those things. What Counsel Table does is give you the very best study strategy, teach you good study habits, and offer support. You are in charge of whether you do the work. Your brain is in charge of whether it grasps and integrates the lessons and knowledge to learn what it needs. The guarantee we can make is that you will get the same assignments and training that has helped many other students (lots of them repeaters) pass the bar exam.

Counsel Table students hail from:

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • Stage 1 Instructions

    • Knowledge Gaps are NORMAL

    • How to Use the Essay Tracker

    • Get an MBE Subscription

    • Strategies & Tactics for the MBE

    • UWorld Settings for Stage 1

    • The Error Log

    • Using the Error Logs for MBE Practice

    • The 7 Steps to MBE Mastery

    • California Grading Rubric

  2. 3
    • Study Block 1

    • Study Block 2

    • Study Block 3

    • Study Block 4

    • Study Block 5

    • Study Block 6

    • Study Block 7

    • Study Block 8

    • Study Block 9

    • Study Block 10

    • Study Block 11

    • Study Block 12

    • Study Block 13

    • Study Block 14

    • Study Block 15

    • Study Block 16

    • Study Block 17

  3. 4
    • Study Block 18

    • Study Block 19

    • Study Block 20

    • Study Block 21

    • Bonus Training: How to read cases in Library to extract rules & structure

    • Bonus Training: Is it an Objective or Persuasive task?

  4. 5
    • Study Block 22

  5. 6
    • Stage 2 Instructions

    • UWorld Settings for Stage 2

    • The Error Log for Stage 2

  6. 7
    • Study Block 23

    • Study Block 24

    • Study Block 25

    • Study Block 26

    • Study Block 27

    • Study Block 28

    • Study Block 29

    • Study Block 30

    • Study Block 31

    • Study Block 32

    • Study Block 33

    • Study Block 34

    • Study Block 35

    • Study Block 36

    • Study Block 37

    • Study Block 38

    • Study Block 39

    • Study Block 40

    • Study Block 41

    • Study Block 42

  7. 8
    • Stage 3 Instructions

    • UWorld Settings for Stage 3

  8. 9
    • Study Block 43

    • Study Block 44

    • Study Block 45

    • Study Block 46

    • Study Block 47

    • Study Block 48

    • Study Block 49

    • Study Block 50

    • Study Block 51

    • Study Block 52

    • Study Block 53

    • Study Block 54

    • Study Block 55

    • Study Block 56

    • Study Block 57

    • Study Block 58

    • Study Block 59

  9. 10
    • Study Block 60

  10. 11
    • Stage 4 Instructions

    • Your Memory Mechanism

    • UWorld Settings for Stage 4

  11. 12
    • Study Block 61

    • Study Block 62

    • Study Block 63

    • Study Block 64

    • Study Block 65

    • Study Block 66

    • Study Block 67

    • Study Block 68

    • Study Block 69

    • Study Block 70

    • Study Block 71

    • Study Block 72

    • Study Block 73

    • Study Block 74

    • Study Block 75

    • Study Block 76

    • Study Block 77

    • Study Block 78

    • Study Block 79

    • Study Block 80